About the Hawaii Clean Energy Metrics Project

The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) Clean Energy Metrics Project is being implemented in several phases:

Phase I:

The initial phase of the process utilized a series of facilitated meetings from a broad spectrum of Hawaii stakeholders to identify what types of information should be measured to characterize Hawaii's progress.

Phase II:

A second phase of the project defined seventeen metrics, grouped into four general categories:

  1. Overall Status/Progress indicators
  2. Attainment of Underlying Objectives
  3. Status of Attainment of State Standards
  4. Progress on Projects and Programs

The second phase of the project included: refinement of the metric definitions; collection, verification, and documentation of the detailed data necessary to calculate the metrics; identification of methods to maintain and update the data on an ongoing basis; and presentation of the metric values. An set of Excel spreadsheet models was developed to store data, and to calculate and track the status of each metric. The models include functional graphics to assist with the portrayal of the metrics and underlying data for purposes of development and review.

Phase III:

The final phase of the project is the development of this web site and ongoing updating of the data and models used to determine the clean energy metrics.

The Metrics Project is an ongoing evolving effort. Constructive input is welcome and invited.

For comments or questions, contact: public@hdamaui.com