2. Hawaii faces special challenges in meeting its 70% clean energy goals in the ground transportation sector.

Air Transportation
Ground/Water Transportation
Historical Transportation Fuel Use
Hawaii State, Trillions of BTU (1960 - 2013)

Transportation sector fuel use continues to increase.

Unlike the electric power sector, fuel use in the transportation is not regulated or provided by centralized utilities. No statutory fuel use reduction targets have been established.

Vehicle efficiency standards are set federally and are not subject to State authority.

A substantial amount of fuel is used for military and commercial air transportation which is largely out of the sphere of direct control by Hawaii State policies and laws.

Solutions to reduce ground transportation fuel consumption are diverse and are related to many non-energy policy priorities and concerns. Hawaii has identified several strategies to reduce transportation fuel, including increasing vehicle fuel efficiency, reduction of vehicle miles traveled, use of renewable fuels and promotion of electric vehicles. There is no state agency, however, that has the mandate, funding and jurisdiction necessary to effectively promote transportation fuel reduction initiatives.

Chart last updated: 8/9/16