2. Despite progress, Hawaii has a long way to go to meet its goals.

Air Transportation
Ground/Marine Transportation
Direct On-site Fuel Use
Electrical Power
- Electrical Energy Efficiency
- Renewable Energy Generation
Total Historical Energy Use by Sector
Hawaii State, All Fuels, Trillions of BTU (2000 - 2013)

Although electrical energy efficiency programs and renewable generation are reducing Hawaii's fuel use for electrical power generation, Hawaii remains predominantly dependent on imported fossil fuels. Over 90% of Hawaii's energy use depends upon imported fossil fuels, primarily oil.

The sharp reductions in fuel use in 2008 and later years is primarily the result of dramatically higher petroleum prices and economic recession. As shown in the chart above, the impacts of energy efficiency programs and increasing renewable energy generation play only a part in the recent decrease in Hawaii imported fuel use.

Chart last updated: 8/9/16