3. Energy efficiency measures are substantially reducing Hawaii electricity costs.

Actual Electric Utility Fuel Costs
Cost Savings -
$270 Million
Hawaii State Electrical Efficiency Fuel Savings
Millions of Dollars (2005 - 2012)

In the electrical power sector, energy efficiency programs and changes in utility power generation efficiency are reducing the costs of electricity to customers. Costs remain subject to volatility and increases resulting from changes in world oil price, but gains in efficiency have effectively lowered customer costs. As shown in the chart [above], without energy efficiency programs and changes in the efficiency of the utility generation systems, Hawaii's utility customers would be paying $270 million more in annual electricity bills.

The chart above shows actual total Hawaii electric utility fuel costs compared with what costs would have been without energy efficiency programs and changes to utility system generation efficiency. The fuel cost savings are passed through to the utilities' customers. In addition to the fuel savings shown here, energy efficiency programs result in other types of cost savings, including reductions in transmission system losses and possible deferral of expenditures for new system transmission or generation capacity.