Hawaii Clean Energy Day 2017

Pathways to Clean Transportation

HAWAII CLEAN ENERGY DAY zoned in on "Pathways to Clean Transportation" at the Ninth Annual Hawaii Clean Energy Day on August 28.

On the same day the Legislature opened its special session to grapple with funding for rail – just one of the various pathways to clean transportation — more than 140 attendees at HCED spent the day with local and mainland transportation experts and officials in an open discussion of the role of clean transportation in the larger transportation landscape — that is, the need to move, with alacrity, to clean non-fossil transportation for Hawaii.

Attendees reviewed the state goals now on the books, some since 2006: (1) developing alternative highway fuels; (2) reducing/eliminating imported fuels; (3) reducing petroleum in ground transportation; and (4) limiting greenhouse gas emissions to the 1990 levels. A majority of attendees stayed to express their views on the goals most worthy of action over the next two to three years. Three were identified: (1) reduce use of petroleum; (2) develop accessibility metrics to reduce the use of personal vehicles; and (3) reduce the costs of both housing and transportation. Actions to achieve these goals were also identified. These included: (1) integrating land use and multimodal transportation; (2) developing accessibility measures and (3) co-locating housing with transportation destinations.

The program video and speaker powerpoint slides presentations and proceedings of the outputs from the conference can be found archived on the "Program" page of this website.