August 16 2016 @ the YWCA Laniakea


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Sharon Moriwaki (Miyashiro)
HEPF Co-chair

"2030 or Bust: Reality Check"

With new technologies and challenges in the post NextEra era, Hawaii's policies, investments and organizations must undergo transformative change to meet the State's ambitious clean energy goals. Decisions and actions must be made today if we are to meet the 2045 goals. To make sure we are on track, the Forum takes a reality check this year, looking at the specific actions we've taken and need to take to get to the 2030 Milestones.

This year's program focused on ACTION in Getting to Our Clean Energy Future - in electricity and stored energy AND transportation. It's time to regroup and rethink what we will do in the chapter to come. And the participants at the 8th Annual Hawaii Clean Energy Day started the discussion.

Over 200 participants attended the event. Using MeetingSift technology, participants were able to ask questions of panelists and to respond to a poll on the issues discussed. These results are posted on each panel page. View data on this yearʻs participants (pdf).

2030 or Bust: Reality Check

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