7th Annual Hawaii Clean Energy Day
Hawaii's Energy Future: Power to the People

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7th Annual Hawai‘i Clean Energy Day
July 16 2015
“Hawai‘i’s Energy Future: Power to the People”
With rapid changes occurring on the Hawaii energy scene – from technologies to policies — and the looming big decisions that will determine the pathway to achieve the 100% RPS target by 2045, the Forum chose to focus on the customer.



How can we determine the best policies, technologies, services and utility(ies) to serve the public at affordable, reliable, and secure systems without asking the customer? "Power to the People" was the Forum's theme this year -- to start the dialogue and to inform and engage the public. We also wanted to involve neighbor island residents through experimenting with various technologies - streaming live to share information and using MeetingSift -a collaborative software that enables participants to use their mobile devices to engage with our panels via Q&A and polling.

Governor Ige Delivers Keynote Speech

Governor Ige Delivers Keynote Speech

Governor Ige's speech focused on achievements of his first year in office, as well as his vision for Hawai'i's future as a front runner in clean energy.

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Transformational Awards

Awards for Transformational Achievements in Clean Energy

Five transformational achievements for clean energy in Hawai'i were recognized, with awards presented by Governor Ige.

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Panelists Present Views on Three Major Issues in Renewable Energy

Panels on Three Major Energy Issues Facing the State

The Forum identified three pressing and major issues that require decisions and action: (1) the future of our electric utilities with the impending purchase of HEI; (2) the future of the electric grids with the explosion of rooftop solar and potential for battery storage; and (3) importing liquefied natural gas as a "bridge" from fossil fuel to 100% renewable energy.

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